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tailored to the individual.

Practical tips for greater productivity & wellbeing.


Coach Curated Learning

After each coaching session our coaches suggest a micro program, 4-6 week curated content tailored to build towards each participant's development goals.


You only have 24 minutes a week to learn.

Busier than ever, leaders only have 24 minutes to learn each week. Our programs have been designed to take an average 22 minutes per week (nudges, coaching and learning material), with each component fitting into a 5-8 minute window. 


Learning Modules

Our programs include practical tools to improve skills in the following areas:


Managing Team Effectiveness

Learn to effectively participate in, and lead teams. Empower team members, facilitate synergy and achieve effective results.

Time Management & Prioritisation

Learn strategies to analyse workloads, prioritise tasks, overcome procrastination and maximise your effectiveness.

Mindfulness & Stress Management

Learn practical mindfulness exercises to be in the present, manage self-talk, handle stress and find your and your team's flow.

Influencing & Communication Skills

Develop your communication skills to influence others, solve problems and improve your impact.

Communication & Feedback

Learn effective communication skills and strategies necessary for giving and receiving feedback in today's fast-paced work environment.


Learn to stand up for your own or other people's rights in a calm and positive way, without being either aggressive, or passively accepting negative situations.

Managing Poor Performance

Learn how to handle one of the most challenging and testing situations – dealing with poor performance and difficult behaviour at work.

Managing Up

Learn how to constructively influence your boss. Managing your boss is not a skill listed in job descriptions but it is essential for productive and inspired teams. 

Coaching Fundamentals for Managers

Learn coaching skills and put them into practice. A fundamental leadership tool, coaching helps with retention, performance, skill improvement and knowledge transfer. 

Listening & Appreciating Your Team

Learn simple strategies to listen deeply and show your appreciation for increased team engagement. 

Emotional Intelligence

Learn to understand how to manage your own emotions, and those of others, with empathy and confidence


360 Feedback

Our learning material is tailored to each participant and informed by the strengths and weakness identified through a 360 feedback process.