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Regular 360 Feedback.

Identify strengths and weaknesses, and measure your program’s return on investment with regular 360 feedback.


Compare Your Results

Compare your 360 feedback results to both your previous scores, your organisation’s benchmark and the global benchmark – an average of all results from over 5,000 leaders and managers.


See Where to Focus with Regular Feedback.

Identify areas of improvement with continuous 360 feedbacks for individuals and teams.


Integral Leadership Model

Our 360 feedback process is based on the Integral Leadership & Management model, a wholistic cross-cultural approach mapping human skills, abilities and behaviours. 


Open Comments

Our 360's include qualitative input from peers where raters provide feedback on current strengths and opportunities for improvement.


Measure Your ROI

You can run 360 feedbacks as frequently as you'd like but we recommend pre- and post-program feedback at a minimum to measure development and your return on investment.

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Develop your leaders to be the best they can be with personalised leadership coaching.